Wednesday, February 8, 2017



Our first rest day is in Agra for a visit to the Taj Mahal - this is definitely one of the highlights of the tour for me.  I'm so excited to see it.

It is breathtaking!  I was a bit emotional upon entering when you consider it was built for the King's wife out of love (after she died giving birth to their 14th child).  I was taking photos and a man started to point out various vantage points for good angles and light - I think the photos turned out well.  We booked a tour guide for our group and it was worth it.  Nice to get some of the history around the actual building and the surroundings.  

After the tour we also went to see a marble factory where they continue the art of carving the marble and inlaying semiprecious stones.  This is how the Taj Mahal is decorated and it's beautiful.

In the early evening there was music coming from the street, so Dennis and I ventured out to see what was happening as the bazaar that is close to our hotel is closed Tues.  The music was from a HinduTemple.  We were ushered in, removed our shoes and did some dancing, offered Puja and a small amount of money.  The music was non-stop - people sat and listened, got up, danced - it was wonderful.

Offering Puja

Dancing to the live music, the musicians are all sitting down behind these happy dancers

Before entering the Temple you purchase sweets and flowers to offer to the Temple God

Next up - 3 riding days and then the Pink City of Jaipur!

Ciao, Cindy

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