Thursday, February 2, 2017

Stage 2: Kosi - Agra


Chilly mornings (11'C) to start out, then by our lunch stop we all start shedding clothes.

Day 2 and I fell off my bike about 35 km into the ride - nothing changes when I can only unclip on one side.  Did a bob and weave to avoid a tuk-tuk, but fell over instead.  Was almost at a standstill, so only a skinned shin. Many bystanders rushed to help.  The scariest part was getting to the temple a few minutes later and have a man run over to me with his hat in hand, aiming to clean up my bleeding knee with it.  "Nay, nay, nay"....

We did have a real casualty today though - one of our riders was hit from behind by a car (low speed) while making a right turn and crossing busy traffic.  He was taken to a nearby hospital and one of our 4 docs (fellow riders) accompanied him.  Our Medical Dr. on the tour was able to take over at the hospital and coordinate things.  He is going to be OK and may rejoin the tour.

We were all a little rattled by this, but eventually continued on our ride.  The next part was on a beautiful rural road with little traffic and minimal horn honking!  Definitely helped calm me down after seeing one of our riders down on the road.

The last bit of the ride  was when the "sh*t" really hit the fan - the edge of Agra, very bumpy and then a sewage leak to ride through.  I chose to walk my bike as I thought it safer than risking splashing "ick" onto my scraped up leg or getting splashed in the face.

Happy training

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