Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jaipur - Jodhpur


Jaipur - Roopangarh Fort (Stage 6 - 118 km)

The smog has lifted since we left Delhi and Agra behind.  It's been lovely blue sky days with cool mornings and warm afternoons (10 'C to start and low 20's C at midday) for riding.  Had some challenging roads to ride today for a stretch - thank you Spin Sisters for the mountain biking skills and my bomb proof Kona Sutra bike!

Lunch time is an extravaganza of tasty food for our hungry bellies prepared by Vikas and Baba with the assistance of one of our bus drivers.  Today we were under a shady tree - it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!  Those thorns are about 1.5 inches long (3 cm).  These cut branches also act as fences - choose your spot to pee carefully!

I'm in India, sleeping at a fort built in 1648 and there's a wedding! Unfortunately, I saw the wedding preparations, but was in bed prior to the festivities starting.   I think I was in a servant's room as it connected to a much larger room.  The property is beautiful....

Roopangarh Fort - Pushkar (Stage 7 - 58 km)

The Incident - Boo!
I was accidentally cut-off by one of the other riders today and took a spill off the bike.  Landed hard and hit my head on the pavement - gotta love a helmet to protect the noggin'! No worse for wear and just added a few more scrapes to the knee, but cracked my helmet. I'll have to buy a new one when we get to Jodhpur.  In the meantime, I'll use one of the staff members helmet's as they alternate riding.

Pushkar is a very holy pilgrimage location for Hindu's that centres around sacred Pushkar Lake and the Ghats.

Pushkar - Kherjarla (Stage 8 - 130 km)

OMG - this was a long day with some bad-ass "roads" again.  We started out with 90 km of beautiful rolling hills that was followed by our 30 km of bad-ass roads and then a head wind for the last 25'ish km.  Dennis and I killed the almost single-track.  I arrived at our destination for the night and announced - "Best day ever!"  Not sure this sentiment was shared by all, but the day certainly brought a variety of roads and that 30 km section that was nasty, dusty and bone shattering (not literally though!)

Pretty sure my face was just as dirty!

We are staying in the impressive Kherjarla Fort tonight - built in 1611.  

Ciao, Cindy

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