Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Breakfast and Samosas


We are on  a rest day at Ajanta Caves in the state of Maharashtra.

Dennis, Morris, our 2 bus drivers (Kusirom and Sarapjeet) and I went for breakfast at a chai shop just down from where we are staying this morning. They were just opening and making the day's offerings - Poorha, Pakora, Samosas and of course, chai.
Each employee had his specialty and I got to assist with the samosas!!

First you need energy to make the samosas, so we all had some freshly made poorha! (Rice flakes, spices, toasted peanuts, fresh coriander)

 The dough is made and divided into portions to be rolled out

A small rolling pin and a specific shape to aim for (elliptical cut in half)

The filling - a sauce + potatoes, onions, chilli's, etc mixed up 

 I was better at rolling out the dough than creating the cone to add the filling to, but with guidance I'd probably make 4 - 5 in a day! (vs. 1-2 minutes for each)

Stuffing added


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