Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Like Sand Through the Hourglass - A Day in My Life


6:00 - alarm goes off
6:30 - bags are packed, face washed, sunscreen on, trip sheet in place
6:45 - bags to van, fill water bottles, pump tires, apply bike bag, hand in room key
7:00 - breakfast (fruit - bananas, papaya (yuck), oranges, eggs, bread!, poorha (rice flakes with seasoning - yum!)
7:30 - on the road
  • the routines in the villages - sweep and arrange the dirt for the day; pick up garbage and bring to edge of town; cows, goats, pigs, chickens, water buffalo pulling carts all getting ready to head to their grazing areas
  • the best part - seeing all the kids on the way to school!!  they are so happy to say hello, how are you, Namaste, waving from the side of the road, back of a motorbike, or from the school bus
  • Morris stops and gets them all stirred up - they are so attracted to him and he's such a positive influence on everyone
  • stop for photos along the way
  • Pee stop! (side of the road with some cover)
  • Chai stop (most important) --> where we become the spectacle
  • motorbikes riding close beside us (a bit unnerving) - "1 selfie please"; they don't usually go away until you stop and oblige them
11:00 'ish - Just past halfway point of the day = Lunch!

  • Kusirom (our shy bus driver) and either Baba (bike mechanic) or Vikas (MD) wave us to the side of the road for a lunch in the shade
  • Helmets and gloves off; wash hands
  • Feast on salad, fresh fruit (watermelon is my favourite), sandwiches, nuts, hickory sticks and often a surprise - samosas, parotha (bread), noodles w veggies, pasta, eggs
11:45'ish - back on the bikes for the back half of the day

13:00 - 15:00 arrive at hotel for the night (depends on the days distance)
  • Cristiano hands out room keys, puts up a white board with info to know - usually includes wi-fi password; dinner timing; riders meeting
  • Wi-fi usually only works at reception and not in rooms
  • Shower and wash the dirt of the day off - aahhhh
  • Wash cycling kit in the bucket
  • Email, blog, read, Facebook
17:45 - Riders meeting (next days ride and complete trip sheet, take photo of white board)

18:00 or 19:00 - Dinner!!  Indian food - so good

20:00 - read and lights out

6:00 - Repeat....

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