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I remember my Mom making bread on Saturday mornings - waking up to the smell of baking bread was like heaven.  I also have good memories of being at my Grandparents in Newfoundland and the bread baked at sea level was twice as big as it was in the mountains (where we lived).  As a child, my mom and I did a lot of baking together and I always had my little miniature versions of baking trays. I even took up bread baking when I lived in New Hampshire b/c in the small town where I lived you couldn't ever find artisan breads.  I'd have a weekly phone conversation with my mom in regard to - what to do to fix it so it tasted as good as hers!  Too much flour, dough needs to be a bit more elastically, etc.

We always have lovely fresh baked hot Indian breads at our meals in the mornings and evenings here in India.  It's so good.  I wonder if it will change as we move farther south away from Rajasthan? The toast is a bit of a crap shoot as it's not always toasted evenly.  An issue the world over with hotel breakfasts as far as I'm concerned.

So far I've experienced:


  • served with most meals: made with white flour in the tandoor oven - my favourite!
  • we had a demo with the tandoor oven when we were at the organic farm in Dausa
  • plain Naan, butter Naan, butter and garlic Naan
  • a prerequisite to eat with butter chicken (and most other dishes)


  • made with wheat flour.  I think my former Punjabi clients would not be pleased that these aren't perfectly round.


  • "puffy bread"  very light and hollow on the inside


  • appy served pre-meal at most restaurants for the evening meal
  • my least favourite (has various spices, but it always tastes a bit weird (?fishy?) to me.....

Paratha - roti with a filling (Chipatti?)

India continues to fill all of my senses on a daily basis....

Ciao, Cindy

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